PTSD…not just for soldiers

I have PTSD. No, I'm not a soldier. I have lived through trauma at different stages of my life though. My PTSD is caused by: 1992 - my father passing when I was 11 years old. 1992 -moving to a new town/school just months after my father passed 1992-1998 - was bullied at school because… Continue reading PTSD…not just for soldiers


Gift-less Gifts List for Children

Growing up I was always so excited to receive presents. Whether it be a toy, clothing, books...whatever it was, I was always just so excited to have something to rip into! Just to have it tossed aside and ignored. The novelty wore off sooner rather than later. The item usually ended up broken or collecting… Continue reading Gift-less Gifts List for Children

Tarot/Oracle Cards

Mintakan, Starseed, & Home

  I was recently a part of a tarot group secret santa! Work Your Light Oracle Cards by Rebecca Campbell and Danielle Noel was my gift! It is BEAUTIFUL!! I couldn't wait to do my first reading with it. Before I use decks with other people and their readings, I like to read for myself… Continue reading Mintakan, Starseed, & Home


Christian Marriage Advice…it’s Not Always Helpful

I was reading a Christian article on encouraging words for a spouse. I liked bits of the article, there were a few things I know I wouldn’t use because we aren’t Christian. I think that goes with anything you read though...take what you can use and leave the rest. I was happy with the article… Continue reading Christian Marriage Advice…it’s Not Always Helpful