2017 Year in Review

2017 was quite the year for me. I have many people to thank for helping me stay afloat during the waves of uncertainty during the past year.

The words I can apply to the last year are: change, courage, accomplishment, devastation, new love, self acceptance

Major changes/struggles/accomplishments for the last year:

  • Left my 11.5 year marriage
  • went back to school
  • became a licensed phlebotomist
  • re-met the love of my life from high school
  • moved into my own place
  • experienced 2 miscarriages
  • received the news that my mother has stage 4 pancreatic cancer
  • got a job as a mobile phlebotomist

With the help of some very important people in my life.



My mother, without her I would not have been able to accomplish anything in 2017. She has supported me financially and emotionally through the hardest time of my adult life. I am happy that she has seen me accomplish this much…I am glad that she has seen me in a happy, healthy relationship.




My Aunt Kathy for allowing my children and I to invade her home for MUCH longer that I ever expected to stay. Being there when I needed to chat, or just sit and watch TV. I know it was stressful for her and I appreciate her love and generosity more than she’ll ever know.




My Aunt Sally for stepping in for my mother on our very last vacation with her to San Diego. There were days where my mother didn’t feel like leaving the hotel room. Aunt Sally was there to be with us and do fun things!


Everyone who actually stuck by me, encouraged me, and didn’t shun me for leaving an emotionally abusive marriage…THANK YOU! One really learns who their true friends are through life’s tribulations.

27983519_10215876762769952_3468402989393259215_oI also have to thank Matthew. Thank you for being everything I never knew I needed or wanted. Thank you for getting me through some tough emotions regarding my divorce. Never once have you judged me for anything I have told you or done. You have all of my heart. There is not a single part that is blocked off to you.

Not sure how many people know our story…but it sure is a sweet one! My own fairytale. Matthew and I went to high school together, so we’ve known of each other for about 24 years. I don’t remember hanging out with him much in high school…nor do I remember talking to him much. I do remember having a crush on him though. After high 24068120_10215145285283472_2863282413102610577_nschool we never saw each other again. We were friends on Facebook at one time, but I likely in-friended him because we never talked. After leaving my marriage I had no desire to enter into another relationship. Then Matt came along. He found me online in March and we started texting…constant texting. lol The only time we weren’t texting was when we were sleeping…and even that became scarce at this time. We texted for 3-4 days before meeting again for the first time after 19 years. We have been inseparable ever since. He is my rock, my soft spot in this world, my best friend. I couldn’t have imagined I would have ever found a relationship like this…a perfect mixture of mutual respect, unconditional acceptance, open communication, and silliness.

What were your struggles/accomplishments for 2017?

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