Tarot/Oracle Cards

Mintakan, Starseed, & Home


I was recently a part of a tarot group secret santa! Work Your Light Oracle Cards by Rebecca Campbell and Danielle Noel was my gift! It is BEAUTIFUL!! I couldn’t wait to do my first reading with it. Before I use decks with other people and their readings, I like to read for myself with it for sometime. That way I’m able to really connect to the deck and get to know it.

I started this reading by opening a soul space around me. Making sure to invite the light of the universe into my heart so that I can fully welcome the message that the Universe has to tell me.

I read tarot in more of a story form. I usually don’t have a specific position for each card. I pull one card, and then pull three more to clarify the details of the first card pulled. Sometimes the story doesn’t jump out right away and I really have to decipher the cards.

In this instance…the 3-card story line laid itself out in perfect succession!


Top card:

“What do I need to welcome into my life?”

Mintakan (click to read more about Mintakans)

Second row:

 “How do I fully accept a sense of home in my heart?”

Share your Voice, Warrior Woman, Transformation


Pulling the Mintakan card made me realize that pretty much my entire life I haven’t felt home. I had a physical address…several of them over the course of my 38 years…and, yet, I never felt “home”. I looked up “Mintakan” as I had never heard of that word before.




It’s me!

I relate to this SO much!

So, after meditating and reading about this I decided to ask the cards “How do I fully accept a sense of home into my heart?”

Share Your Voice. For the last 2 years I have felt that I was in a cave, not really knowing where my life was going. Not really feeling like I belonged anywhere. I mean i know where I live, I know my heart is with my boyfriend, but as far as feeling “home” on this big earth, I’ve just never felt that. It’s time for me to voice this out loud. Get it out of my head and into the universe. Stop hiding for fear of being looked at funny.

Warrior woman. SO FITTING! I have had a connection with Wonder Woman for years.

This card reminds me of her a bit. Being brave and facing the unknown. Being 100% herself…unapologetically. Wonder Woman didn’t let fear drive her. She let LOVE and JUSTICE lead her. I need to live without fear of judgement.

Transformation. What a great card to end this reading on…am i right? Baring my soul and facing my fears will transform me into a deeply spiritual being.

A Mintakan.

A Starseed among Earth.

I am home.

Blessed Be.


Featured image is from the NASA website! This blog post contains Amazon Affiliate links.

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