Gift-less Gifts List for Children

Growing up I was always so excited to receive presents. Whether it be a toy, clothing, books…whatever it was, I was always just so excited to have something to rip into!
Just to have it tossed aside and ignored. The novelty wore off sooner rather than later. The item usually ended up broken or collecting dust.
Now that I am a parent, it is more important to me to give my children gift-less gifts.
Gift-less gifts? You may be saying to yourself “What’s that?”.
To me gift-less gifts are less about the giving of things that will be broken or end up collecting dust. Gift-less gifts are experiences.
I have gathered here a list of 5 gift-less gifts for children.

1. Art Classes

An art class will allow the child to learn something new and create something they can be proud of.
A lot of arts & craft/hobby stores offer classes in painting, crocheting, bouquet making, jewelry making…etc.
These crafts are a great way to expand the child’s mind. Even if they aren’t artfully minded this will be a great experience for them and teach them that anyone can be creative.

2. Family Movie Night

This may be something your family already does but you can make it more special. Print out movie tickets, rearrange the living room to have a more theater feel, put curtains on the TV and pull them to the side when the movie is about to start.
Make it a red carpet movie premier event. Require the children to wear their best red-carpet attire and bring their movie ticket with them. Set up a concession stand with their favorite drinks and snacks.
I guarantee this memory will last longer than any plastic toy they’d receive!

3. Zoo or Museum Membership

Learning is very important in my household. I truly believe there isn’t a time we shouldn’t be learning from something. Everything we do in life requires us to learn something.
Providing a fun, educational experience that can be re-visited is a great way to encourage their curiosity.

4. Amusement Park Tickets

So…this is a fun one. Not necessarily educational…unless your child is interested in the mechanics of roller coasters.
These types of experiences provide for FUN memories. Going to an amusement park provides memories for all senses. Feel: how they felt on a specific ride. What the safety bar felt like in their hand during the ride. Smell & Taste: I don’t think I need to explain this one…funnel cakes, ice cream, pizza, hot dogs, churros…I could go on and on! MMMmmmm Hearing: The sound of the roller coasters, people screaming, the chatter fo those around them. Sight: Watching the rides zoom by, seeing people bustle about trying to get to the next ride, a family member that did something funny!
This gift-less gift is a no-fail option!

5. A Homemade Coupon Book

This one is fun and cheesy. Design and print out some coupons specifically geared towards the child that have experiences with family. The coupons can be geared towards spending one-on-one time with mom or dad or other family members. Staying up 1/2 hour later. Choosing the movie for movie night.
Time, as I’ve learned recently, is the most important gift we can ever give!
What are some gift-less gifts you have given?

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